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Welcome to Carotel, a love hotel where all your fantasies can come true. With us, everything is about unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, looking to revive your relationship or just looking for a place to rest end, Carotel is the place to be. Prepare yourself for an experience full of comfort but in uizual privacy. Read on and find out why Carotel is the ultimate love hotel for you.

The perfect setting for love adventures

Carotel is not just another love hotel. It is a place where you can fully focus on yourself and your partner. Whether you want a romantic encounter or just a private moment where you can enjoy undisturbed time with your partner, Carotel has it all.

What is a love hotel?

A love hotel is a type of hotel specifically designed to offer couples a discreet and private environment for romantic encounters or private moments. These hotels are equipped to create a romantic atmosphere and allow couples to retreat for a few hours or a night. Lovehotels are especially popular in countries like Japan, South Korea, and parts of South America but thus can also be found in Belgium!

What sets love hotels apart from regular hotels is their focus on privacy and providing spaces where couples can retreat without worrying about prying eyes or distractions.

Although the name ” love hotel ” suggests that they are exclusively for romantic encounters, these hotels are usually also used by individuals who need privacy and relaxation, such as travelers who want to take a rest break or people who need a quiet place to work.

The concept of a love hotel varies between different countries and cultures, and they are also sometimes known by other names such as “couples’ hotels,” “romantic hotels” or “boutique hotels.”

Who can go to a love hotel?

Love hotels are mainly for couples who need privacy and an intimate setting for romantic encounters. These may be new couples looking for a quiet place to spend time, or long-term partners looking for undisturbed privacy.

Married couples also visit love hotels to celebrate a special occasion, such as an anniversary or birthday, or simply to spend some time together without distractions.

A married couple may choose to use a love hotel for several reasons, despite already being in an official relationship. Here are some possible reasons:

  • A breath of fresh air: Even in long-term relationships, passion can wane over time. Visiting a love hotel can be a way for married couples to revive their relationship and reconnect in a private and romantic way.
  • Privacy and distance: When a couple lives in a busy household with children, family members or roommates, it can be difficult to spend time alone. A love hotel provides a private environment where they can enjoy uninterrupted time together without distractions.
  • Special occasions: For anniversaries, birthdays, wedding celebrations or other important milestones, married couples may choose to visit a love hotel to celebrate the occasion in a special and romantic way.
  • Break from routine: A love hotel can serve as a getaway from the daily grind and responsibilities. This can help you take a fresh look at the relationship and focus on enjoying each other’s company.
  • Exploration and adventure: Some couples may visit a love hotel to enrich their intimate lives and try new experiences.
  • Escape from everyday stress: Everyday life can be stressful, and a love hotel can provide a haven where couples can relax, de-stress and enjoy each other’s company without the usual worries.

It is important to note that the reasons for using a love hotel depend greatly on the individual preferences and circumstances of the couple. For some couples, it may be an opportunity to strengthen their bond, while others may see it as a way to reinvigorate their relationship.

Couples who cannot see each other often because of long-distance relationships, for example, can use love hotels as a temporary meeting place to spend quality time. Your place or mine? Let’s meet at Carotel!

Some people may book a love hotel to have a quiet place to work, relax or just spend some time alone away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A love hotel offers a high degree of privacy and anonymity. People who prefer not to bump into other people can perfectly avoid that risk at Carotel.

Couples who have overcrowded schedules and can find little time for each other can use a love hotel to focus on their relationship without distractions.

The use of love hotels varies depending on cultural norms, availability and individual preferences. In some societies, love hotels can be a popular and widely accepted option for private moments, while in other cultures they are considered more taboo.

Discretion and privacy are paramount

We understand that discretion and privacy are of utmost importance when visiting a love hotel. At Carotel, you don’t have to worry about that. We ensure that all our guests experience the ultimate privacy, so you can enjoy your intimate moments undisturbed. Our experienced staff will ensure that you can fully relax and immerse yourself in a world of fun and passion.

Thanks to the unique Carotel booking system, you have anonymous access to your room. You park in a discreet garage box, which is immediately connected to your room. An anonymous access but therefore also a safe parking place for the car. Arriving at a hotel was never so easy! And remember: reservations are not required! You can visit a Carotel love hotel at any time.

Discreet entrance - you will remain unnoticed

Our extraordinary Drive-In concept guarantees an unparalleled level of privacy and efficiency. With the innovative Carotel concept, you don’t even have to leave your vehicle to check in! When selecting your desired room, there is no personal contact with the staff. This is made possible because the check-in process is done through a sophisticated payment terminal, which integrates seamlessly with the Drive-In concept. This means you can enjoy the experience Carotell has to offer in peace and discretion, without any worries about discretion or anonymity. Our commitment to providing a carefree and exclusive environment is reflected in every aspect of your stay. Whether you come for a romantic getaway, a relaxing escape or a short meeting, , our Carotel Drive-In concept guarantees a seamless and unique experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Completely anonymous

Your privacy is therefore truly respected by the staff of Carotel. From arrival, over self-check-in to leaving the love hotel, you therefore do not come into contact with staff and other guests, or as little as possible.

Check-in / Drive-in

At the self check-in at the self-service machine in the parking lot, you can easily check yourself in, without staff intervention. You choose the desired room and pay the amount due, cash or card. Therefore, reservation in advance is not required (and is not even possible).

Garage boxes

Carotel has garages, each connected to a room. This way you have your own garage, and your vehicle (and valuables) are safe under lock and key during your stay. Moreover, your privacy is also protected, since you can step directly into your room from the garage. That way your date can go on discreetly! Our garages are also perfectly accessible for a 4×4 or minivan.

During your stay at Carotel, you may receive and let in visitors once. Your visitor checks in at the reception desk, and then the staff verifies with you that you are effectively expecting a visit. Afterwards, your visitor will get one-time access to the accommodation.

Garageboxen lovehotel

Room service for ultimate convenience

At Carotel, we strive to provide the best service to our guests. That’s why we have room service available, so you can enjoy refreshing drinks and tasty snacks on. You place the order over the room phone, you put the money in the service box in your room, and moments later our Carotel team delivers your drinks and snacks in the box. So room service is also completely anonymous. The menu for drinks and snacks can be found in the room.

Romantic escapades around the hotel

Nothing can light the spark of romance as quickly as an escape to an enchanting setting. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply rekindling love, romantic escapades in the area allow couples to enjoy each other and the world around them in a way that strengthens their bond and creates unforgettable memories.

In addition to the luxury and seduction Carotel has to offer, you can also explore the surrounding area for romantic escapades. Explore picturesque villages, beautiful natural parks or take a romantic boat ride on nearby lakes with your loved one. Whether exploring the destination or just getting away from the daily grind, romantic escapades in the area are the ideal opportunity to bring love and adventure together. These outings provide an outlet for love, creativity and discovery, creating moments that will last a lifetime.

Discretion guaranteed

Discretion is essential when enjoying an intimate experience in a loveroom. At Carotel, we understand this like no other, which is why we guarantee complete privacy and discretion during your stay at our love hotel. Our dedicated staff respects your need for privacy and will make every effort to ensure that you are comfortable. Enjoy your moments without worry or distraction.

Lovehotel: a place for all forms of love

At Carotel, we welcome all forms of love. Whether you are a heterosexual or homosexual couple, a couple in an open relationship or a regular couple looking for an exciting experience in peace, with us you are more than welcome. We believe in celebrating love in all its forms and making sure everyone feels accepted and valued.

Love hotels often have a reputation for being controversial, but it is important to recognize that these unique accommodations have much more to offer than romance and secret meetings. In fact, love hotels are a place where all kinds of love can be celebrated and expressed, from long-term relationships to short-term encounters, and even love for yourself.

The most obvious association with love hotels is romance. Couples who want to celebrate or rediscover their love will find in love hotels an atmospheric setting to share unique moments. A love hotel is sometimes equipped with luxurious amenities and themed rooms, offer couples a chance to retreat from the outside world and focus on each other.

A love hotel can also serve as a refreshing escape for long-term relationships. Daily life can sometimes become monotonous, and love hotels offer the chance to bring a new dynamic to their partnership. The romantic setting and luxurious facilities allow partners to deepen their connection and breathe new life into their journey together.

For couples in long-distance relationships, love hotels can play a crucial role in facilitating encounters. The long-awaited reunion can be celebrated in an environment specially designed to cherish special moments. These hotels offer a temporary way out of the physical separation that often accompanies distant love relationships.

Lovehotels are not just for couples. Individuals can use these hotels as an opportunity to take time for themselves, relax and enjoy a moment of self-care. A getaway to a love hotel can serve as a personal treat, with all attention focused on one person’s well-being and enjoyment.

In addition to romantic encounters, love hotels often offer rooms with unique themes and striking decors. These rooms invite guests to let their imaginations run wild and explore their fantasies. This can add a playful and adventurous dimension to any kind of love celebrated in these hotels.

In a world where love is experienced in all its complexity, love hotels act as multi-faceted spaces where all kinds of human connection are celebrated. Whether it is romantic passion, long-term partnerships, love at a distance, self-love or sheer imagination, these unique accommodations provide an environment where people can express their love in their own way. It is a reminder that love in all its forms has value and may be celebrated without judgment.

Safety comes first in our love hotel

At Carotel, safety always comes first. We have strict security measures in place to ensure that all of our guests feel safe and secure. Our facilities are secured and we have 24/7 camera surveillance to ensure a peaceful and relaxing stay at our love hotel. You can enjoy your time at Carotel with peace of mind, knowing you are in good hands.

Expert staff for personalized service

At Carotel, we understand that service is essential to an extraordinary experience at a love hotel. Our expert staff ensures an impeccable experience. They are always there, behind the scenes, making sure everything runs smoothly.


Free Wi-Fi service is available at Carotel. This strong and reliable Wi-Fi service allows our guests to discreetly stay connected to their digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Whether sharing special moments with loved ones, streaming romantic music or enjoying intimate movies, the availability of good Wi-Fi in a love hotel helps create a comfortable and personalized atmosphere for couples who want to escape the outside world for a while. It ensures that guests are able to use and share their own digital content while enjoying the privacy and romance the hotel has to offer.


Experience Carotel through the virtual tour

Would you like to see how everything works? Then follow our virtual tour you will see the booking system and get an idea of what the garage boxes and rooms look like.
Let your imagination run wild and visit Carotel for yourself!

Plan your romantic surprise at Carotel

Whether you want to surprise your partner with a romantic getaway or celebrate a special occasion, Carotel is the perfect place to bring your romantic surprise to life.

Hospitality and discretion at the highest level

At Carotel, we are committed to hospitality and discretion of the highest level. Our dedicated staff understands the importance of confidentiality and ensures your stay is completely discreet. We make sure you feel comfortable during your time at Carotel. Trust that your privacy will be ensured, so you can enjoy your intimate moments carefree.

Unique experiences for every visit

At Carotel, we strive to provide a unique experience every time you visit us. Whether it’s your first visit or you’ve been before, we want each time to feel different and special. The rooms are regularly renewed so it is always pleasant to stay at Carotel. Each room contains quality beds and custom-made furniture. A sitting area, television and free Wi-Fi give you every opportunity to fully relax. The spotless bathroom has a shower, sink and toilet and, of course, towels and soaps.

Exceptional hygiene and cleaning standards

At Carotel, the health and safety of our guests is always paramount. We maintain exceptional hygiene and cleaning standards to ensure that each room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before a new guest arrives. We strictly follow health authority guidelines to ensure a clean and safe stay, so you can enjoy your time at Carotel with peace of mind.

Guest satisfaction is key

At Carotel, your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to meet all your expectations and provide you with an unforgettable experience. We appreciate your feedback and make every effort to resolve any concerns or requests as quickly as possible. Your opinion counts and we strive to constantly improve our services and facilities so that we can surprise you again and again.

Carotel daghotel

A world of seduction and discovery

Carotel is more than just a love hotel; it is a world of seduction and discovery. Step inside our sensual environment and get carried away by the enchanting atmosphere. Here you can explore your desires, push new boundaries and share intimate moments with your lover. Carotel is the place where all your wildest dreams come true and where you can have an unparalleled love experience.

Make lasting memories at Carotel

At Carotel, we believe that memories are valuable and last a lifetime. Therefore, we strive to make your stay with us as memorable as possible. Whether you are planning a romantic weekend getaway, celebrating an anniversary or just want to share a special moment with your partner, Carotel provides the ideal setting to create lasting memories that you will cherish forever.

Experienced and friendly staff at your service

At Carotel, you can count on our experienced and friendly staff to always be there for you. Whether you have a question, a special request or just need some advice, we’re here to help. Our team is well-trained and passionate about hospitality, making you feel immediately welcome and cared for from the moment you arrive at Carotel.

Your ultimate love hotel experience awaits you

It’s time to immerse yourself in the ultimate experience of a love hotel at Carotel. Enter a world of passion, fun and seduction. Rent your room now and let your imagination run wild as you enjoy our beautifully decorated rooms, intimate atmosphere and tempting facilities. Escape the everyday grind and surrender to the excitement and sensuality you will experience at our love hotel.

Carotel is all about discretion, privacy and hospitality during your stay at a love hotel. We understand the importance of being able to have your intimate moments in peace. Therefore, we guarantee complete privacy and discretion during your stay. Our discreet entrance and professional staff ensure that you can fully relax and indulge in the passion and pleasure that a love hotel has to offer.

At Carotel, we believe in the power of love in all its forms. Regardless of your sexual orientation, relationship status or personal preferences, with us you are more than welcome at our love hotel. We create an inclusive and welcoming environment where love and enjoyment are central. Here you can be yourself and express your desires freely, without fear or judgment.

So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to the ultimate love hotel experience at Carotel. Book your stay now and immerse yourself in a world of passion, pleasure and seduction. Make every moment an unforgettable memory as you enjoy Carotel’s luxurious accommodations, discreet service and enchanting ambiance. We look forward to welcoming you soon and introducing you to the limitless possibilities of love and pleasure that await you.

Discreet room rentals in three provinces thanks to Carotel

Carotel has three different branches in three different provinces, making our branches always easily accessible. Be sure to come visit us in
Rumst (Antwerp), Kuurne (West Flanders) or Lubbeek (Flemish Brabant)!

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