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What can I expect from a stay at Carotel?

A unique and fast check-in, a safe and individual parking space, modern and fresh rooms with the correct look and feel. A clean bathroom in every room with the necessary amenities and of course the most discrete way of spending your time with us.

Should or can I make a reservation for my stay?

No, this is not necessary nor possible. Each of our locations has over 20 rooms and vacant rooms are cleaned immediately to make them available again as soon as possible. Before your arrival you can call the location of your choice to check whether rooms are available. This still relieves you from leaving any data or completing reservation forms.

Can I pay in cash at the terminal/at Carotel?

You can pay in cash with notes of 5, 10, 20 or 50 euros. Please note that the payment terminals only return in coins. It is therefore highly recommended to pay the exact amount. Notes of over 50 euros are not accepted.

Can I pay by card at the terminal/at Carotel?

You can pay with Maestro, VISA and MasterCard at our payment terminals. The hotels are equipped with portable card terminals for these card types.

Are the garages big enough for my car?

The maximum dimensions that fit in the garages are 2m high and 2.70m wide.
The garages are spacious enough for one vehicle.

How discrete are your hotels?

Our hotels aim to make your [SV1] arrival, stay and departure as discrete as possible. For example, the check-in procedure only takes maximum 2 minutes. As soon as the barrier opens, you drive directly into your garage which automatically closes after detecting your vehicle. The only challenge may be driving onto and off the premises. Of course, you will understand that this is the case everywhere.

When/how can I order and receive drinks and snacks?

In the rooms you will find a menu with all products, the service hours and the phone number of the reception. During the service hours, you can use the room telephone to call the reception to place an order. When you have put the money for this order in the service hatch, you will find your order there a few minutes later. Preparation time depends on the chosen product.

Can I leave the room/garage during my stay?

No, you can only leave when you end the stay. When you press the check-out button in the garage, you give us a signal that the room can be cleaned. Of course, in the event of an emergency or faulty garage door, you can pull the cord of the door motor to manually open the garage door.

Will I be filmed when I stay with you?

Our car parks are under permanent camera surveillance. The footage is only consulted in case of theft, vandalism or other malpractice. Images are retrievable by the police. 

What do I do when I accidently cause damage?

You contact the reception immediately or you leave a note/send an email with the nature of the damage, time of stay/room number and how we should contact you.

Can I let in a visitor during my stay?

You can let in a visitor once during your stay. This visitor has to pass through the intercom and can park on the car park behind the hotel. The reception will call you to check if you are expecting this person and then grant the visitor access to your garage and room. The reception will also close your garage door again. It is not allowed to let visitors in more than once.

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